Terms and Conditions of the Serious Games Lab incubation program

ONE.- Organisation

The Serious Games Lab (SGLab) is organised and managed by PENINSULA CORPORATE INNOVATION S.L.
SGLab is an incubation program offering health related development groups the necessary training and mentoring to professionalise their production pipeline and to make a successful Serious Game for Health. Its main objective is to professionalise groups of professionals, research teams and startups developing a serious game with a clearly identified health related challenge in order to make them productively efficient and to instil in them a business mentality.


TWO.- Promoters, Partners and Collaborators

SGLab is promoted by la Direcció General d’Innovació i Cultura Digital de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
We are looking for hospitals, associations, research groups, public and private entities and startups, among others, to become SGLab strategic partners.And we are starting with the help of these health related entities: Gerència Territorial Metropolitana Sud de l’ICS, Hospital de Bellvitge, Hospital de Viladecans and the Atenció Primària Metropolitana Sud.
Collaborators are willing to receive SGLab’s portfolio at the end of each edition in order to find further opportunities to continue with the development of the health related solution.


THREE.- Program Format

Application Process
The 1st edition of the SGLab program starts by September 1st, 2023.
To apply to the program, candidates must fill in the application form accessible through the SGLab website: https://seriousgameslab.com/

Selection Process
Once the call closes, a group of experts will review all applications. The best candidates (around 3) will be selected as the incubated teams.

Incubation Program
The SGLab incubation program lasts 4 months and it is held online although it can use the physical space present at Palo Alto Barcelona.

The program stands for production and a) Engagement improvement; b) A better educational transference; c) A sustained adherence to treatment as a result of a behavioural change and d) Evidence gathering and measurement, within a health context. Production makes teams realise the importance of implementing agile methodologies in order to improve project management, planning and performance. Its milestones are agreed upon between each team and the Program Managers at the beginning of the program. Only teams achieving their production goals will receive access to the piloting in a health related context.

At the end of the incubation program (3 months) teams will pitch their serious games in front of a jury.

Our incubation program consists in:

  • 10h of training
    We provide general training focused on production, narrative, gamification, creativity and so besides specific training customised for every team, depending on their needs. All training is done by professionals.


  • 104h of mentoring
    Teams will have weekly meetings with experts who give them feedback about their projects and strategy.


  • Weekly production follow-up
    The SGLab Program Managers, with extensive experience in the serious games industry and production plans, will provide weekly follow-up meetings with each team with the goal of adjusting production methodologies ‘early and often’ to maximise team efficiency.


  • 4 months meeting space
    SGLab offers free meeting space for the incubated teams. The space is at Palo Alto Barcelona.


  • Monthly public events
    Because the SGLab belongs to a network of incubation schemes such as GameBCN, the incubated groups will be able to attend monthly public events related to the complementary industries to promote development and networking during the program.


  • Demo Day
    At the end of the incubation program teams will pitch their game in front of a jury in a public event organised by SGLab. Teams are also required to show either a mockup demo or trailer of their project, as decided by Program Managers.



FOUR.- Entry Period

Entries will be accepted from July 15th, 2023. The period for entering the program’s registration ends on September 1st at 11pm (CET).


FIVE.- Participation and Registration


Groups, teams and startups may participate in the program, regardless of geographic location or whether they have been legally constituted as a company. They must apply with a serious game, no matter its development stage.
The members of the team must be the sole authors of the serious game.



Registration is only accepted by fully and truthfully completing an application form on SGLab’s website https://seriousgameslab.com/ and submitting. Registration on the website is accessible by clicking on the “Apply” banner.

The Organisation reserves the right to immediately disqualify any applicant who gives false or incomplete information, who cannot be contacted or whose application is submitted outside the specified period or late. Proof of despatch and/or confirmation of delivery are not therefore required.

Similarly, the Organisation reserves the right to immediately disqualify any applicant who attempts to enter more than once, using multiple or different identities, formats, registries, addresses or any other means.

Similarly, the Organisation reserves the right to verify and validate the information provided at any time and to require as much documentation it considers necessary for this purpose.


SIX.- Rules

  • Any serious game submitted must be original and must not have been developed, either partially or wholly, by any person or entity outside the project, and must be the product of the knowledge and/or personal experience of the people who make up the project. The Organisation reserves the right to verify the identity of the participants and their compliance with the requirements of the program.
  • Similarly, the Organisation reserves the right to exclude any participants from this promotion, in case of any irregularity or abuse in their participation, without a claim or right of any nature arising in favour of any person so excluded.
  • SGLab has no requirements regarding the theme of the serious game; however, it may not contain any illegal, defamatory, sexist, racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic or degrading material or material which otherwise infringes the rights of others, is immoral or which is not conducive to the maintenance of public order. The Organisation reserves the right not to accept any serious game the content of which is inappropriate or illegal.
  • By entering this program participants warrant and represent that their project is original and does not contain material that may infringe the rights of others, including copyright, brand rights, rights to privacy or publicity, and does not contravene any relevant law now in force.
  • Projects which include the mention or use of content protected under copyright, including but not limited to: serious or video games, music, films, books, television, programming, etc. without the express written permission of the holder(s) of any such right(s) are not eligible for entry in the program.
  • Projects that contain material that undermines the rights of third parties, including but not limited to: material that breaches the right of any person to privacy, publicity, brand protection, or the industrial property rights or any type of intellectual property rights of any person, are not eligible for entry in the program. It follows that in order to be eligible to participate in the program a project must not include any branding, logos, insignias, product placement, photographs, art, sculpture or music subject to third party ownership or rights of exploitation without the written permission of the owner or holder of the relevant rights. The Organisation reserves the right to verify that the required permission has been obtained.
  • If a project submitted includes an identifiable individual, the participant must certify that they have obtained the express permission of that individual to appear in the work submitted in the program. The Organisation reserves the right to disqualify any entry or project if it does not comply with the requirements set out above or it deems the project inappropriate or unsuitable for publication.
  • All the projects will respect and protect patient’s and/or participant’s data privacy by following the applicable law terms.


SEVEN.- Selection process

Selection committee
Submitted applications will be assessed by a committee formed by members of the different entities that promote or collaborate with SGLab.

  • SGLab team
  • External: SGLab current edition promoters and strategic partners.

This committee will be responsible for selecting the teams accepted at the incubation program.
The committee’s decision will be final and no claim may be made against them by the participants.

Preselection process
There will be a first selection process to:

  • Discard applications not reaching the minimum quality requirements
  • Select the best serious games ideas/proposals

In this pre-selection phase, which will be completed online using a voting form provided to all committee members, the following aspects will be scored:

  • Justification of the originality of the solution.
  • Reliable indicators and measurements to provide measurement and evidence.
  • Viability related to adherence to treatment.
  • Solution scalability.
  • Realism of the solution and applicability.
  • Diversity in the team.
  • Team consistency.
  • Experience and expert knowledge (health).
  • Connection with the specific audiences that have been determined.
  • Connection with the health related challenges determined by the program.
  • Stage of the serious game, feasibility and potential presentation of a market analysis.


Selection process
The 3 teams getting the higher score in the preselection phase might be requested to provide with more information about their submitted serious games ideas, proposals and/or developments.

Should one of the accepted teams decline its participation with SGLab for any reason, the following project in the ranking will automatically be contacted to join SGLab.

The Organisation will announce the selected teams to join SGLab on its social media channels and its website before the programs starts, and will subsequently contact each selected team to organise an incubation program kick-off in September.


EIGHT.- Selected teams requirements

In order to participate in the SGLab incubation program, teams must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Teams must add the SGLab logo to their website and mention the incubation program on their social networks no less than twice during the program and leave the logo on the website as “accelerated by SGLab” once the program is finished.
  • Teams will be required to adopt agile production methodologies and achieve production goals based on the instructions of SGLab’s Program Managers, mentors and trainers.
  • Teams must publish a mockup demo and/or trailer of their serious game for the public event Demo Day, held in December (exact date to be determined), if requested by Program Managers. Program Managers will always hold the best interest of teams in mind, based on the opinion of SGLab’s network of publishers and promoters.

Failure to meet SGLab program requirements will result in grant reallocation toward the improvement of the team’s production or marketing pipeline, as Program Managers see fit.


NINE.- Image Rights

Should a work submitted to the SGLab program be selected as a candidate, the author(s) of that project authorise(s) SGLab and all program promoters and partners to reproduce and use their name(s) and surname(s) and their image in any activity related to the program without that use entitling the author(s) to receive any compensation or benefit of any kind. The applicants expressly authorise SGLab and all program promoters and partners to publish in any offline or online media such references they consider appropriate with respect to the selected works.


TEN.- Intellectual Property

The rights to the serious games presented at SGLab shall be the property of all the members of each team. The Organisation will have no rights whatsoever in the development of serious games entered in SGLab. The Organisation will hold the right to publicise a demo for SGLab’s Demo Day publisher networking event on the SGLab website.


ELEVEN.- Fraud.- Modifications to the structure of the program.- Cancellation of the program.-

The Organisation reserves the right to disqualify any participants who breach these Rules and/or who act fraudulently or in a manner likely to be harmful to other participants.

If the Organisation or any other entity professionally involved in this program detects any irregularity or suspects that a participant is impeding or hindering the proper running of the program, changing their involvement by use of any computer resource, or carrying out any fraudulent acts that prevent the program from being fully transparent, the Organisation reserves the right to immediately disqualify that participant; a decision of the Organisation’s under this Rule shall be final and not subject to appeal. In such cases, the Organisation may bring such proceedings or claims and take such steps in relation to any possible criminal offence as may be open to the Organisation.

By entering this program each participant confirms that they accept these terms and conditions in full. Acceptance of the terms and conditions implies that the person accepting them will fulfil them.

The Organisation reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior notice and with immediate effect, and will give notice to the participants of any changes, which may be viewed on the program’s website at any time. In the event that this program cannot be carried out, either due to detection of any fraud, technical errors, force majeure or any other reason unrelated to the Organisation, the Organisation may cancel the program and will not thereby incur any liability or obligation to any participant of whatever nature.

Any issue regarding the interpretation of these rules and/or running of the program will be resolved finally and definitively by the Organisation, based on the principles in these terms and conditions.


TWELVE.- Privacy Policy and Information on Data Protection

Data Controller

PENINSULA CORPORATE INNOVATION S.L. with Tax ID No. (CIF) B-66585613 and with registered office at Plaça Pau Vila, 1, Edifici Palau de Mar, Oficina SA1, 08039 Barcelona 


Processing your data with regard to your participation in this program.

Legal Basis

Consent of the data subject


You have rights of access, rectification and erasure of your personal data and rights of data portability and restriction of processing that are set out in Additional Information.

In accordance with the E-Commerce Services Act (LSSI for its Spanish initials) you may exercise your right not to receive commercial information via electronic media at GSC@gamebcn.co  

Additional Information

You can view additional detailed information on Data Protection at our website: https://peninsula.co/terms/                                    


THIRTEEN.- Applicable law

The program will be run under these terms and conditions, and is also subject to the Law of Spain.


FOURTEEN.- Acceptance of the rules and jurisdiction

Participation in this program implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions and express submission to any interpretative decisions made by the Organisation. For the resolution of any disputes that may arise regarding the interpretation and implementation of these terms and conditions, the participants and the Organisation, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction that might otherwise be available to them, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the City of Barcelona.